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Multi-Restaurant System


If you want to run a successful multi-restaurant commissions based business like FoodPanda, you need an efficient software system that is stable, easy to use & customise and is backed by a robust support. You need a foodpanda clone system you can trust to power your business and make it easy for your customers to browse and order and allows you to track and fulfill food deliveries easily. Our Team at MultiRestaurant Systems understands the smallest details of food ordering and delivery systems as we have total exp. of 7+ years in this domain and many have been restaurateurs ourselves. This exp. reflects in our product – FoodPanda Clone. Food Panda Clone is premium version of the type of software foodpanda uses to run their business. We have replicated the same features and polished the system with more useful features needed to run a startup. Our Foodpanda Clone will give you an edge over your competition and help you become profitable very fast.


One of the exceptional features of Food Panda Clone is that even though the system is ready-made you can easily customize the design and functionality of the system to meet any type of business requirement as the system is fully open source. You can buy the entire system outright or you can launch your foodpanda clone business today for just $80 on a unique BUILT-OPERATE-TRANSFER (BOT) model. Read more about our BOT model here or scroll down on this page.

Customer Website & Apps

FoodPanda clone has Front-end Customer Ordering Website + Android & iOS Apps with Google Maps and Geo-location for customers to view, browse and search restaurants in their locality, view the restaurants menu and order as preferred. Customer can track the location of food delivery in real-time on google maps.

Restaurant Backend & Apps

Foodpanda Clone has Web admin and Android & iOS apps for business owners to manage their incoming orders in real-time. Restaurant can accept or reject the orders and update status of the order so that customers and delivery guys are updated. Menu and other restaurant details can also be managed from here

Delivery & Driver System

Delivery backend has all features to ensure smooth delivery management. Orders are converted to tasks in the backend. Tasks are auto-assigned to drivers based on distance and pipeline. Drivers can accept or reject the task and see order details and route to customers location on google maps. Drivers have their own mobile apps.


Our software is available on a milestone based payment system that helps you evaluate test each module on your own server and ensure quality delivery. How this works is you only pay a small milestone amount upfront i.e. you only pay a 10% amount upfront and we set the first module on your server for you. You can then test this working live on your server and make sure that this is what you need. Once you approve the module then you do the next milestone payment 20% payment of the total amount and then we setup the next module. This way we setup the entire system module by module in milestones. This ensures that you get a high quality software and as per your requirement. The milestones generally are 10% payment, 20% payment, 20% payment, 20% payment, 20% payment and one last 10% payment on golive. This ensures that the team is invested with you in your success. We also provide complete maintenance and enhancement packages after golive to ensure that you are not spending your business growth time in running your software.



  • GEOLOCATION : The system provides actual locations of the customers and restaurants in their various locations. The customer can locate restaurants by supplying detail in the search including City/Area or postcode/zip code.
  • EASY ORDERING : Customer can order in 3 simple clicks (1) search & browse using geolocation or areas (2) add food items to cart after selecting restaurant (3) Checkout using facebook/google logins or email/phone no.
  • SEAMLESS BROWSING : You can view search result in a Food Panda styled grid view or on Google map using different filters and slider located on the top of the page
  • REAL-TIME TRACKING : From their user account, customers can track the order status on Google maps to know the real-time driver location.
  • COMPLETE PACKAGE : Each participating restaurants will have a customised landing page containing their details including Menu and Table Booking Systems.
  • ADD-ONS : Any type of combination of Addons or side dishes can be added to the system. Some examples likes different dish sizes, different ingredients or flavors for the dish or side dishes like fries on burgers. You can even add customize your pizza type addons.
  • AND MORE : Food Panda Clone offers more. It is a Fully Multi-lingual system including RTL, Any printer can be integrated or any local payment gateway.


The cleanest and most convenient foodpanda clone script user app is here for the Customers! Check all the features that app has!

  • TREMENDOUSLY FAST: Watch your Smartphone running on Android and iOS process your restaurant order with amazing speed just like your website.
  • GEOLOCATION: The app will automatically detect a customer location, or they can choose to do that manually by entering their details for the search.
  • FULL PACKAGE: Every restaurant are given personalized Landing Page, Menu Page, and Table Booking Systems
  • INSTANT TRACKING: Customers can follow on their order to know the status and see the current driver location on Google Maps.
  • EASY ORDERING: The customer can find what they want with ease, select preferred items from the menu and checkout using their Facebook or Google plus account or use their email and update their contact address to start an order.
  • ADD-ONS: When a customer orders a food item, several add-ons can go with it. The add-ons feature allows your customer to include several other things to the main other and have it processed ASAP!
  • AND MORE: This feature offers easy re-orders process. It involves fully multi-language system including RTL. It integrates printers, POS and local payment system and many more. Ask us for details.


  • The super admin feature gives you the tool to take charge of your restaurant’s sales and delivery with the ability of a superman.
  • You can add Restaurants and Businesses to the system and define the packages based on no. of orders, fixed amount, % based commission or a no commission or flat monthly charges.
  • You can search using three different searches including City/Area, Google Maps and Custom keyword such as the name of the food.
  • You are in control of other semi-technical settings including managing API keys of various pre-integrated options –push notifications, SMS, Google maps, logo, etc. from the back office. You can view, show or hide the different sections, design blocks or customize the search types and so on.
  • Food Panda Clone allows you to set fixed or variable delivery fees according to customer location or distance as applied.
  • The back end gives you the power to manage all vendors. You can log in directly to the vendor’s backend and control their food menu and other settings. It allows you to grant or denied vendor access to their backend according to the model of your business.
  • You can monitor traffic to your business, thanks to its integration with Google analytics.​
  • The app offer empowered email marketing with integrated email settings that help you use cutting edge email systems like mailjet, MailChimp, and easy to manage newsletter and email marketing.
  • From the backend, you are also authorized to view the full list of your customers with their details including knowing your newsletter subscribers.
  • You can create different marketing promotion offers including coupon and vouchers.
  • From backend, you can manage SMS, email and push notifications content and edit your settings dynamically as and when needed.
  • You can manage all website data such as business addresses and details, site currency, language and so on. You can also set different fields and options for customer and restaurant registrations from the backend.
  • Be GDPR Compliant
  • The system allows you to manage receipts printing options; send receipts virtually or have the vendor print it from their end.
  • A new static page can be added to your website by CMS.​
  • The On-Page SEO of the system ensure your site ranks high in Google search with simple SEO settings in the backend to come top in SERPs.​
  • On your dashboard, you can view all Vendors incoming orders and follow up on all the system activities as they take place. From the backend, you can get various reports such as sales, commissions, table bookings, withdrawals and so on.​
  • You can list other businesses on your homepage or feature them as a sponsored business to monetize your listings.
  • For any local payment gateway, there are multiple payments gateways pre-installed and also custom installation available to process payment.
  • From the admin account, you can accept payment directly while your vendors too can update and receive payment directly from their respective payment portals.

Start Your Food Ordering & Delivery Business For Only $80


  • REAL-TIME MANAGEMENT: In your vendor dashboard, you can receive all orders immediate to accept/decline/update real time.
  • CONTROL YOUR SETTINGS: Update, edit and add restaurant information or set relevant details like the logo, address or banner. Define tax options, customize charges for packaging, delivery and store times and so on.
  • MANAGE MARKETING OPTIONS: Create discount offers, vouchers, SMS and Newsletter mails, and social media marketing options and so on.
  • MANAGE MENU WITH EASE: The MENU BUILDER allows you to create a food menu with ease. Any food list in the world can be generated.
  • CREATE ADD-ONS AND COMBINATIONS You can create any type of add-on and combinations using our MENU BUILDER to add side dishes or other items unique to your offering. You can do all these with a guarantee.
  • MANAGE TABLE BOOKING: Access detail of all your table booking requests and confirm each booking request with ease.
  • MANAGE COVERAGE AREA: You can set your delivery coverage area according to your local requirement.
  • REPORTS: You can generate various reports including sales, commission, bookings, and payments and so on.
  • MULTI-PLATFORMS: You can use the Restaurant Mobile App on Android and iOS and other phone platforms and tablets.
  • REAL-TIME MANAGEMENT: Take charge of all your restaurant ordering and delivery process on your mobile device giving you the ability to accept, decline, update and edit orders from your app on your mobile device.​
  • PUSH NOTIFICATION: For every new order, you can get Push Notifications.
  • TASKS MANAGEMENT: Each user, including the delivery guys, enjoys the privilege to manage their tasks. They can accept, reject and update tasks accordingly. Their present location can be confirmed view the real-time system feature.
  • NOTIFICATIONS: There is easy and seamless communication among stakeholders including the customer expecting their order to know current status and location of their order. The driver will continue sending the status update as they move from place to place letting everyone know the current information about an order.
  • MAP VIEW: The entire operation of your restaurant regarding coordination of the ordering and delivery system is transparently available for viewing on the map allowing customers and managers know the current status of an order. While the delivery guys understand they cannot cheat the system.
  • PROOF OF ORDER DELIVERY: When orders are delivered, the customer can sign off and update the status of the current delivery. This opens up the driver for another assignment and the sales and management know as transactions have been concluded.


  • DELIVERY GUYS SIGNUP: From the backend, you can manage the delivery guys including the Driver Team manually. Your drivers can directly signup after they download the app on their phones.
  • ALL DRIVERS DETAILS: Access details of all your drivers in one place; check their status, vehicle, and other information.
  • MANAGE TASKS WITH EASE: Driver Backend contains all drivers’ assignment details. These tasks can be manually or automatically assigned to drivers with ease by viewing the tables and maps. You can also manage non-order assignments including managing custom deliveries for more efficiency.
  • AUTO ASSIGNMENT: Drivers can have their tasks assigned automatically through notification or direct task communication with affected drivers considering their closeness to the point of delivery.
  • EAGLE-EYE: This offers the power of sight where all delivery guys and their tasks can be viewed real time on the map. This feature allows you to know available drivers and those who are not as indicated by the on/off icons. The ability to see all drivers and their real status time provide effective delivery control for your restaurant operation.
  • HISTORICAL DATA: The system gives you the benefit of looking back on your activities in the past days and helps to project and plan your activities for the coming days. You can track recent events and analyze each route.
  • REPORTS: You can process different reports along the key activity areas of the app such as tasks assigned, the system and your delivery guys and so on.
  • NOTIFICATIONS: Everyone on the platform enjoys easy notification real time; this can be done via SMS, email or push information to keep all channels active and performing.
  • MULTI-PLATFORMS: You can use this app on multi devices including Android, iOS and other phones and tablets.
  • INSTANT TASKS: Each stakeholder can receive their tasks automatically or by manually assigning tasks to the individuals through push notifications in their various apps.









Website with Super Admin & Restaurant Admin
Customer Ordering Android & iOS Apps
Restaurant Order Taking Apps
Driver & Delivery Management System
Complete System: All 4 modules


The software is completely whitelabel and rebranding as your own is part of the quote. The system source including the website, backend and all the apps is completely open source. Also the architecture of the system is completely modular so new features/functions can be easily added or existing ones removed without any performace impact or huge efforts. The frontend is built as a theme and can easily be changed. You can use any local programmer to make changes to the system. We also provide custom developement services and can do any changes for you to the system. Our custom development charges are $5/hour.


If you have any specific preference for demo plz mention in the message box for example you want only demo links or you would prefer a walkthrough demo by a live person or any specific time for live demo etc


  • Anthony Cebella
    They bear with an old man like me and guide me a lot. very helpful support team.
  • Jose Kandie

    This was a dream come true for me. I got my software running for literally no cost and personal support from MRS team.

  • Jennifer Franco
    I am really happy with the system so far. I really love the fact that I can customize the software and make design and features changes as and when I need.
  • Dan Campbell

    I got my first order within 10 days of contacting MRS team. Super smooth. Highly recommended.

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