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What Is Doordash Clone?

DoorDash Clone is an easy to use online food ordering script which allows users to place orders at their favorite restaurants and get their take away delivered at their doorsteps. A user can easily start his own business with this script as DoorDash Clone comes with dedicated panels for Delivery Boy, Customer, and the Partner.

Reasons For Choosing Us!

We provide the following services to our clients without any cost.

Free Technical Assistance

We have an energetic and experienced team to support you at any stage in any technical issue.

Free Support In Case Of App Rejection

If your app gets rejected at its submission time, we will provide you complete support without any charge.
Pay One Time

You get a free lifetime subscription to our script through a single payment. You are not required to pay a monthly or annual fee
Admin Panel (Laravel)

We have used the Laravel Framework for the admin panel of our script. This allows an easy and better maintenance of the admin panel.
Free Source Code & License

We are not charging anything for providing you with the source code of the script. The license of the script will also be given to you without any charges.
Submission Of App Without Any Fee

When you purchase the application, we will submit the app for you without any extra charges.
Free Bug Support

We are proud to provide free support services for the first six months, should your application experience any bug.

Doordash Clone Script – The Working Mechanism

We have developed a very simple to understand and an easy-to-operate mechanism.
Step 1

A customer searches for a restaurant and orders a meal through the app.
Step 2

The selected restaurant gets a notification about the order and has the option to accept or reject the order.
Step 3

If the restaurant is willing for the order, the delivery squad will get a notification on their mobiles. the delivery boys will get the order on a first come first serve basis.
Step 4

When a client makes a payment to the restaurant, a small calculated amount is shared with the admin as commission.


What Is Offered By Doordash Clone

Our script has the following facilities to offer for our purchasing client.
Ios Application

all the stakeholders of the script and the application who are using iOS devices will be able to benefit from it.
Andriod Application

DoorDash Clone script can also be used by stakeholders (Delivery Squad, Partner Restaurants, and Customers) using the android platform.
Admin Panel

There is a detailed user interface for the admin in the admin panel. User management, languages, blogs, pages, and menus are available at the admin panel.
Partner Panel

This panel has the complete details of any order that has been engaged through the application. It has the history, transaction, price, and other details of the orders.
Customer Panel

This panel of DoorDash Clone has all the useful information for a customer who wants to place an order. E.g. offer, restaurants, menus, food items, popular foods, etc.

Notable Features In Doordash Clone Script

We are proud to provide these features to our client
User Management

This feature allows users to create a profile on the app. It also keeps a history of their favorite foods and orders.
Language Management

The DoorDash Clone is available in a number of languages for more people to use.
Blog Management

Our client can post different advertising content like blogs to improve his business through the blog management feature.
Email Management

DoorDash Clone has a high-performance email management system that allows you to connect with the users of the application through bulk mails. You can also use the facility for digital marketing. (1)
Menu Management

This facility allows you to generate various menus from different restaurants for the users to select from.
Social Sharing

Users can also share their experience and links to the application on social media.
Ratings And User Reviews

This special feature allows users to give a personal review of their experience. The efficacy of reviews for attracting more clients is undeniable.
Order Tracking

DoorDash Clone allows the users to keep a real-time check on the location of their order. This allows them to stay confident that their order is on its way to them.
Selection Of A Restaurant From Many

Users can surf through a variety of restaurants to choose from and place an order.
Promo Codes

Promotional codes are available for the customers to enjoy in the festive season. Such codes ensure customer satisfaction.
Different Payment Platforms

DoorDash Clone allows customers to pay through various platforms and transactional methods.
Push Notification

The customers get prompted through push notifications on their screen about updates on their order.

A Picture Is Worth Thousand Words

See the doordash clone features in action.


The admin has also access to this panel which receives documents from the restaurants that are willing to register on the platform or application. The admin can approve their membership or registration after verifying their provided documents.


Manage Restaurants

This section allows the admin to make any certain changes to the list of restaurants that are registered on DoorDash Clone. This option proves to be very helpful when there is an emergency or a situation that requires prompt actions.

Manage Different Categories For Food

This section has the power to allow an admin to change the categories of the food listed on the app. The admin has the power to make any changes to the list and he can even choose from some of the predefined categories.

Manage Cuisines Category

DoorDash Clone script allows the admin to make changes to the category of cuisines on the application for user display. He can divide the foods or meals into categories like Tandoor, South Indian, Pizzas, North Indian, Mexican, etc.


Any restaurant that wants to be registered with DoorDash has to go through a verification process. If the admin finds their documents to be correct having no issues, then they will be added as partners. Once they are approved, their food items and menus will be added to the application by the admin.

Delivery Squad

The admin of the script has the authority to register and add a delivery person after putting him through a verification process. The delivery boy can enter the system after he is cleared from the process. He will get a certain percentage of commission on every completed order.

History Of Orders

DoorDash Clone allows the admin to keep a record of all the orders that have taken place on the application. Various filters will allow the admin to change the search criteria for orders. A commission is transacted to the admin for every completed order.

Promo Codes

The website will gain more traffic through promo codes as the users will be sharing these codes with their loved ones. More traffic on the website will definitely allow the platform to earn more business through orders placed using the promo codes.


Ratings will be available for the customers as well as the delivery boys when ordering and delivering a meal. Ratings have proved to be very efficacious for restaurants and customers when it comes to selecting a certain restaurant or a meal.

Normal Settings

DoorDash Clone allows the admin to make various changes to the application through this option. An admin can make changes in the following areas and more.

Change Logs

Language settings

Currency settings


Monetizing Doordash Clone

Here are some useful methods for an admin to earn money using Apps Like Door Dash

Charging Restaurants With Commissions For Successful Orders

The admin can charge the partner restaurant with a commission whenever an ordered meal is successfully completed.

Earning Through The Delivery Services

The admin can also monetize Apps Like Door Dash by charging the restaurant if an order is delivered by his delivery boys.

3rd Party Services For Ad

The admin can make even more money by taking on advertisements from 3rd party ad services. Google Adsense is one of such services.

Advertise For The Restaurants

Advertising the partner restaurants is also one effective way of earning a good income using Apps Like Door Dash.

A List Of Features Of Doordash Clone

Implementation of banner Ad
Featured restaurants
Order pickup and delivery
General settings for the platform
Bulk email sending
SEO Friendly
CMS pages
Front end panel for website
White label
App submission
Bug resolution
Multiple platform payment
Default gateway for payment
Multiple languages
Currency conversion integration
Web panel for admin
License for multiple domains
iOS platform application
Android platform application
Free technical support
Free installation for the first time
Full source code supplied
Source code customizability

Frequently Asked Questions

DoorDash Clone script is a software for online food ordering and delivery.

The application engages delivery boys, customers, and restaurants where clients can place online orders

to a restaurant that will be delivered by the delivery boys.

We can provide a live demonstration to our clients through our website. For more details, please feel

free to contact us at XXXX

You can reach us on any day and any time of the week as our dedicated customer support is always

present there to assist you. You can reach us using skype, phone or even an email.

Yes, we have a team of experts in the fields of testing, app development, and business analysis.

yes, the product that we will give you has a full range of customizable sections.

The source code for DoorDash Clone is entirely accessible and you can gain access to 100% of the source


The website can run in both multiple and single domain. The client has the option of choosing the

appropriate price package.

The client can make complete changes to the UI of the product depending on his choice.

Yes, DoorDash Clone has the ability to be modified for managing a single site for a single restaurant.

Please feel free to contact us at XXXX or XXXXXX.

Yes, of course. DoorDash Clone has been made keeping startups in mind and you can start and operate your business through DoorDash Clone.

Its very simple. Find a DoorDash Clone script and install it to start your business. You can easily purchase the script.

yes, DoorDash Clone can be used in multiple languages for more clients.

The 5.1 version of the Laravel framework has been selected for the development of DoorDash Clone. PHP 5 and MySQL has been selected for the coding. Scalability has been kept as a possibility through the engagement of JQuery, Ajax, JS, etc.

We offer the source code with a license and you can make complete customization in the script. There are no codes used for encoding.

Yes, we will provide complete assistance while installation of the products without charging any amount.

we will provide a free of cost support related to bugs and updates in the application for the first 6 months.

The charges will be depending on the quality and quantity of services acquired.

the updates will be free during the first 6 months.

this feature will be available after some customization is made to the script.

Yes. The details of your business and your personal contact will never be shared with anyone.

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Website with Super Admin & Restaurant Admin
Customer Ordering Android & iOS Apps
Restaurant Order Taking Apps
Driver & Delivery Management System
Complete System: All 4 modules


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If you have any specific preference for demo plz mention in the message box for example you want only demo links or you would prefer a walkthrough demo by a live person or any specific time for live demo etc


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