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Build App Like UberEats

Published On:Sunday 04-Aug-2019

How To Develop a Food Delivery App Like UberEats?

Development means & includes growth, revolution or positive changes in any of the object. With regard to our topic, we shall deeply discuss the core issues that as to how we can develop a Food Delivery App like UberEats. However, before deliberating on the subject; let’s visit some historical background about the food delivery. U.K. had established a style of delivering food to those who had lost their homes during World War II, thereafter the idea of food delivery was appreciated and the same was followed by private sector in the United States by setting up take-out delivery service in the peripheral areas. With the passage of time, food delivery developed into a system wherein courier service, independent food delivery businesses & individuals undertook this job as a profession. As a matter of fact, there has always been a room of development in every system; therefore, the modern world has upgraded the system in highly sophisticated way. UberEats has, however, got the place of a “Pioneer”. UberEats has successfully been providing food delivery services such as drinks, food, grocery, food boxes, bags, formal lunch, dinner & a variety of food including fruits, dry fruits and vegetables. Therefore, UberEats has to deal with hotels, restaurants, grocery stores & different shops etc to cater to the needs of its customers. Mostly deliveries are undertaken through cars, but in the inside cities or in thickly populated areas the same is done through scooters, motorcycles or even on bikes.

It was the time when people used to travel miles of distance to get some renowned restaurant, but the modern technology has changed the concept altogether for which we are thankful to I.T. We can easily dine at our workplace or home, the quality of food we want, but without leaving out the premises. . How? It is done through the android mobile screen, food delivery apps on-demand etc. Following are a few big names in the field of “Food Delivery Apps”:-

UberEats Deliveroo Swiggy Dineout Zomato

The above famous companies are engaged in delivering food & food products and payment can be made online, through cash or credit/debit card or in person called cash on delivery (COD). Like gas stations, hotels & restaurant, tip concept in food delivery is a part of this trade and delivery man earns a substantial amount under this head as well.

Following deliberation will help to the great extent enabling us how we can develop the app like UberEats.

1. Developing a User-Centric Customer-side version of app like ubereats

It is not bad to copy or following those who are successful therefore, we may follow the point of app like UberEats while developing an app like ubereats that customers’ satisfaction should be priority # 01. The app should have the following salient features:

  • To facilitate the users to place the order on any of the renowned food-delivery platform conveniently.
  • To have the following basic options to proceed further is such a way that the food delivery task is successfully done:
    • Login
    • Registration
    • On Boarding
  • You should create a sign-in page like other websites which should have related options such as name, email ID, mobile phone # & password etc.
  • Normally, customers could have directly place an order without undergoing above mentioned formalities via social media like facebook & Google+

In order to personalize your customers, their personal data besides the stated above is very helpful and may be collected as far as possible such as their card detail for fast payment, their taste & normal package, dining places etc. This will build a long term relation between the parties if their preferences and tastes are got familiarity such as cuisines &restaurants.

Food Categories and Search:

Since different restaurants have different food values, therefore, it would be very wise if your app covers a wide-range menu including the different categories of cuisines, their contents, price, combo offers & along with its content, pricing, images and combo offers. Therefore, you should make available a range of variety for different individuals like Thai, Mexican, Chinese and Indian etc.

Customized Orders

Some of the customers present their own choice restaurants in order to avail customized menu in accordance with their personal tastes. Therefore adding a smart feature keeping in view customers’ demand will be appreciated by such customers.

Placing the Order

Once you have selected the food items, you can checkout the order’s process before the payment is processed. However, the users can make changes on the order page even after selection and the total bill amount to be paid including taxes can be viewed. It needs application of promo code offers and discount deals. The customer can get delivery within the estimated time.

Payment Methods

The next step is payment, after subsequent confirmation of the order, the Developers can integrate with third-party gateway for the purpose e.g. PayPal. If not, an in-app wallet system or allow for credit can be created or debit card transactions, net banking or Google or Apple wallet can be made.

COD (Cash on Delivery) OPTION

Order Tracking:

It is all due to the latest technology which enables us tracking the order immediately after the payment till delivery at the desired destination. This facility is helpful for both the parties i.e. customer (in follow up the order) and the courier person in getting location instructions.

Ratings and Reviews:

Rating & reviews are the propellers for the app which makes the users know about its salient features. Therefore, the app should be well decorated with rating & reviews so that it may engage more users.

As it is said that reputation travels faster than you, the reviews and ranks are checked by the user before he/she uses brand services. In this way it is know about the best eateries and restaurants offering their particular tastes.

Leveraging the Power of Right Technology Stack

Designing & developing of online food delivery app like ubereats shall affect the Android and iOS apps differently because both depend on different technology such as; luxury location services is the Google’s feature, but Google Maps API for developing the feature of tracking the status of food order delivery progress for Android users.

However, Android and iOS developers may accept different tools and techniques or third-party APIs. The developers are ably engaged in putting a wide range of software tools in use to create a riveting food delivery app.

Most Essential: UI/UX Design

It is pointed out that the important factor giving your app like ubereats a great drive and usability is the UI/UX design. Therefore, you need to hire the experts as the sophisticated design means engaging more traffic.

The Owner’s Dashboard and Admin Panel

It is the next step to create a spectacular dashboard with all the activities management features.

The Login Process

To view, receive and manage orders at fastest pace and to adjust orders conveniently, the owner can easily login being based on simple process as compared to the users’. The app like ubereats owners may login through their personal accounts on smart phones.

Management of Menu items

To enhance the engagement, the menu list inside the app should be periodically up dated keeping in view users’ demands. Owners can, however, display different foods with their images & clear description in such a way that customer is not cheated.

Order Management

It is crucial to keep the customer orders for different restaurants under watch. Therefore, a system should be created especially to check and verify order quantity. Courier boy may be provided order details and the delivery point, besides notifying the users.


Such as Push Notifications, admin or control panel login, creating admin rights restaurants & menu management etc. are also worth considering under this app.


Promoting the idea of online food delivery is getting popular, the credit of which goes to UberEats who has colored it into a profession. Don’t worry, you can also enter into this chain of business, but after you have had successfully created an attractive & lovely on-demand food delivery app like ubereats. Let’s exert for this today!

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