Coronavirus And The Response Of Popular Food Delivery Services

Coronavirus And The Response Of Popular Food Delivery Services

Published On:Sunday 21-Jun-2020

Coronavirus And The Response Of Popular Food Delivery Services

The recent outbreak of coronavirus has mostly a negative effect on many businesses. However, there are certain businesses that have been affected by the virus in a rather different way than others. By the way, the airline companies are offering better plans if you are having any plans. Don’t forget to read the instructions from the CDC (Centre For Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO before you leave.

Coronavirus is now a pandemic and most of the people are living isolated. In such circumstances, the food delivery services are very important to us as they are the only source many people are eating and staying alive. Many of the big names in the industry were reached out to so that we could know how they are dealing with the situation and what are the steps that they have taken in order to deal with the virus and control their business as well.

Most of the responses from the companies are expected to change as the situation changes with time. And some of the companies were not even willing to explain their process of dealing with the process. However, here are the details that have been shared by the companies so far.

  1. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is one of the biggest chains here and on 28th February, the company disseminated information about the virus along with helpful tips from the CDC. Uber also houses a response team for global law enforcement. Its job is to work with local governments and public health officials so that it can ensure the implication of guidelines properly.

According to a spokesperson of the company, they always work to ensure that the employees and everyone else are safe while working. They have a continued concern for the recent outbreak and they have formed a global team from Uber safety executives, security, and operations having the guidance of different health experts from around the world. The job of the team is to respond to any case with a response that seems fit with the nature of the problem. Health organizations are continuously contacted to stay updated on the matter and their recommendations are highly considered.

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  1. Grubhub/Seamless

According to the spokesperson of Grubhub, the situation is fast-paced and complex and they are focusing on the safety of their employees, restaurant partners, diners, and their drivers. They are continuously monitoring the situation while analyzing and assessing any impact that is potential for the business.

Currently, the company is offering only no-contact options for deliveries. They have also pioneered a relief initiative by the suspension of commissions on payments totaling to about $100. According to the CEO and founder of the company, Matt Maloney, restaurant businesses are an essential part of the city as they feed the city’s masses. His company has decided to continuously monitor the situation while identifying different funds required for financial support.

  1. Postmates

Postmates is another shareholder in the food delivery service that has made certain changes in its business structure by extending the option of non-contact delivery to the clients. The customers can select this option and then their food will be placed on their doorstep for them to pick-up.

Their spokesperson said that precautionary measures of the CDC have been shared with our Postmates and customers as well. by introducing the non-contact delivery option, we are observing social distancing all while performing our social responsibility as a business to feed the community. We’re encouraging our clients and employees to go for this option so that the precautions are

  1. DoorDash/Caviar

The owner of Caviar and spokesperson of DoorDash released a statement recently regarding recent changes made in their business model while keeping the coronavirus in mind. He said that the company holds the health and safety of the Dashers, merchants, and employees in their top priorities and it is having the situation closely monitored. The company has also shared every guideline issued by the CDC.

The company also included a special page on their website about COVID-19 and apart from this DoorDash has distributed gloves and hand sanitizers in all the Dashers. DoorDash is also testing a no-contact delivery system while keeping the safety precautions in priority. Currently, the clients can manually mention that they want a non-contact delivery and soon the option is going to be available for the customers in the application as well.

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Jed Klecknersaid who is the CEO of composed a special email to all of its customers and informed them about the steps taken by the company in line with COVID19. The company is observing the situation very closely as it is in contact with health officials in a seamless manner. The email also said that the company is in close contact with all its merchants in the local markets so that the flow of food delivery remains flawless.

The company’s clients can currently ask for a no-contact delivery via specifying while putting up a request at the time order placement. Click here to see more information about such modified delivery systems in detail.

As of now, customers can request whether or not they’d prefer a no-contact delivery by specifying in the Special Requests field of the order form. More information regarding specialized deliveries can be found here.

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