BUILT OPERATE TRANSFER For MultiRestaurant Systems

Published On:Friday 03-May-2019

BUILT OPERATE TRANSFER (referred further in the article as BOT) is a unique business model offered by MultiRestaurant Systems that allows entreprenuers and startups to launch their business at low costs yet retain the complete ownership of the business, the business model and all the business tangible and intangible assets. The BOT model gives you the cost benefit of a SAAS/Rental model yet gives you a complete flexibility to customize/personalize the business and workflow as per your requirement which no SAAS/Rental based software can offer. Plus another advantage of BOT model is that there are no per restaurant or per order commisions or charges and everything is unlimited in a flat monthly fees.

How Does The Business Model Work:-

  • You launch your business with MultiRestaurant Systems on a Rental/Monthly payments basis using the our ready turn key software for multirestaurants commisions based business with all the default features that you will need to run your business. You can check a demo of all frontend and backend features before you move ahead. The cost to launch is very minimal – there is a nominal set-up charge for setting up your system starting with $80 for the complete website with super admin and each business sub-admin(please refer to table below for details) and then a flat monthly fees of $20 till the time you run your business. In the set-up only the code and server is ours, rest all assets ownership like domain, app store accounts etc. is with you.
  • You can run your business on Rental/Monthly payments till the time you want and stop at anytime you want. During the Rental period our team will provide you complete support.
  • Whenever you want you can buy this same system outright with code ownership along with the source and all changes and move to your server. We provide complete migration to new server.
  • The biggest advantage that we offer is even during rental period or before launch is that you can customize and personalize the entire system including the design and adding/changing any functionality without buying the source code. We provide you custom development services for these customization on a nominal hourly charges. so basically you control the entire system the way you would on your own server except that the code ownership, which you would need to buy when you are ready.

This allows you to test your business model and business idea on a nominal costs and then invest more into the business when you see success in your business or you can setup your business MVP and gain customers and then buy the system outright when you get funding.

The system is completely white-label.

Pricing table:-

How Does The Process Work?

  • The first module to setup is the website with super admin and each business sub-admin. You pay $80 set-up charge and we setup your website within 48 hours. You just need to buy the domain from your account and point the domain to our server so the system runs on your domain. Once the website is setup we can add your logo’s, change color scheme and do minor design changes/updates to the system for you. Set-up cost includes 20 hours of design and development support. Note – All graphic assets like logos, images etc. to be used on website is to be provided by client. This also includes mobile apps assets like app icon, splash screens, any images inside the app etc.Also all business specific details google maps api keys, gmail account for push notifications, facebook account for facebook logins etc.
  • Once the website is setup and approved by you we can start on the 2nd module. The 2nd module can be Customer Apps, Driver and Delivery Management module and apps or restaurant order taking app. You can start on any module depending on your business need. Then you make payment for the set-up cost of the 2nd module for example $100 setup cost for the customer ordering app module. We will get the apps ready within 48 hours once the payment is done and upload on respective apps store for publishing and distribution. Note – the google play app store and apple store accounts will be provided by the clients. There is one $25 cost for google play store and $99/year cost for apple store. If needed we can provide our accounts for upload and distribution of the apps but in app stores our name will be displayed as it is rule of google and apple to display acocunt owners name. Also other assets needed for making the app market ready need to be provided by the client for example gmail account for push notification.
  • We setup the 3rd and 4th module in the same workflow i.e. Pay setup cost and we complete the module in 48 hours.
  • During this entire period or before you go live or after you go live we can provide custom development services for any changes you need to the system. The hourly rate for custom changes will be $10/hour if change is less than 20 hours change or $7/per hour if you buy minimum 20 hours($140 for 20 hours work). For custom development work we will provide you estimated work hours for the changes you require and once we agree to the estimated work hours and billing our development team member will start and complete the task. Payment for custom development will be 50% upfront and 50% on completion for tasks less than $500 and milestone based for amount higher than $500. Any custom development work will be your sole ownership and will be part of the handover to you when you buy the code.

Benefits of BUILT OPERATE TRANSFER Business Model

  • The First Benefit is definitely the low upfront costs and yet you have flexibility and control of a completely owned system.
  • As a startup owner your focus should be on sales and marketing and not managing technical teams. If you go any other way for development you will be spending a significant amount of time managing technical teams and hardware. In BOT model you are getting everything in one place so your software, hardware and hardware support team will all be in one place and your technical management time will be literally negligible giving you time to focus on sales and marketing.
  • No rigidity of a SAAS/Rental based system – generally all the SAAS/rental based system will not allow you to do or get any custom development work done and even if one odd allows you to you will never get the code as your own on another SAAS/rental. plus most of the provider has lot of additional charges like per restaurant additional billing, commisions on each transactions, charges on payment gateway etc. With BOT model you dont have any of these hassles and the payments are flat monthly fees.
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