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Swiggy Franchise|Start A Business Like Swiggy

Published On:Monday 11-Mar-2019

Swiggy Franchise|Start A Business Like Swiggy

Are you looking for a Swiggy franchise? We have good and bad news for you.

First question would be why would you look for being a
Swiggy franchise?

If you own a restaurant and are looking to sign up your restaurant on Swiggy and deliver your food through their app then you dont need to be a Swiggy franchise. You just have to provide details of your restaurant on their website through a Google form and wait for their reply. Thats it rest of the actions are taken by Swiggy Team.

With that out of the way now If you are looking to become a
Swiggy franchise to start your own food ordering and delivery business
then we have bad news(though it is not so bad) for you that Swiggy Does not have any kind of Swiggy franchise opportunity. You can sign up your restaurant on swiggy or become their delivery partner(basically the delivery guys) or at the max you can signup with their cloud kitchen services but sorry no Swiggy franchise as such exists.

So I mentioned above that this is not so bad news. Infact this is good news that Swiggy does not offer swiggy franchise coz franchising as a business model itself is not a very profitable business model. Some of drawbacks of franchising are:-

  • Upfront Investments like franchise fees(apart from the other startup costs that you will face in any business).
  • Royalty Payments – this would hit hard specially in food delivery business which anyways has wafar thin margins.
  • Limited Control as your business processes would be defined by owner.
  • No Creativity or Flexibility as you will havhe to follow guidelines by franchisor and cannot digress from them.
  • No Guarantee of success

So its actually a good news that Swiggy Franchise does not exist or else you may have been spending a good amount of time and money in starting a Swiggy franchise but your earning would have been very much reduced due to Swiggy taking a good slice of your profit.

Also the food ordering and delivery business model process has become very standardised now. MultiRestaurant Systems has developed a Swiggy Clone script that you can use out of the box to set-up a system similar to Swiggy. The biggest advantage of this ready Swiggy Software is that your cost of developing the entire system is reduced drastically. Few of the reasons to Go for your own business similar to Swiggy instead of being a swiggy franchise:-

  • Your Upfront costs would be reduced drastically. Swiggy will charge you swiggy franchise fees, royalty fees and even your infrastructure would have to be expensive one as defined by them. But in less than half that cost you would have your own food ordering and delivery business where you are the boss.
  • You will be the boss instead of being controlled by swiggy.
  • You will freedom to improve and bring in your own new idea for food delivery business.
  • You will have your own branding in long term and can start your own franchising business.
  • You will have better and much more profits.

So as you see that that starting a business similar to Swiggy is much much better than going for a Swiggy Franchise. Let me make it easier for you to start food ordering and delivery business like swiggy by listing some of the steps you would need to follow to start a business like swiggy.

(1)The first thing you will need to do is identify a local area. It is strongly suggested not to start with a big area or multiple cities. First start with only one local area or city where you can standardise your operations and then expand. Trying to setup the business in multiple cities all together will be very hectic.

(2)After that take our Swiggy Clone software and set it up for your service area. You can easily brand the software as yours with your own colors, design, logo etc.

(3)Hire or onboard on contract your delivery drivers. Again it is suggested to start with only 2-3 delivery drivers instead of a big team. Again this is to manage and streamline the delivery logitics properly with few team members.

(4)Tie up with as many restaurants as you can. here you can focus on quantity and bigger numbers. The reason being that during initial period you wont be getting lots of orders as buyers would be less so more the number of restaurants more the count of orders and for buyers also the more variety you have in restaurants and food the more they will prefer to come to you.

The base of your business will be set with the above steps however remember the key to success in your food ordering and delivery business is Marketing and Customer Service. You will have to create a USP for your food ordering and delivery business and market that effectively. In the domain where users have choice to select from which delivery company to order from you have to differentiate yourself. Your Marketing strategy will get the customers to your business and your customer service will keep them coming for more to you.

One more GOOD NEWS for you. Multirestaurant System provides their Swiggy Clone System on a unique rental basis which is similar to BUILT OPERATE TRANSFER where you can get started on very low initial cost and use the system on monthly rental basis and then buy the system outright along with source code as and when you want to invest more.

So dont wait any more and instead of Swiggy Franchise start your Own Swiggy Like Business Software today by contacting us NOW

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