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Published On:Thursday 20-Jun-2019

Overview of Foodpanda Wiki
Eight years ago, online food ordering became a thing in the food business, which led to the birth of companies such as Zomato. As time passed, more companies delved into this line of business, and it became popular in the food industry. Now, since there are online food ordering businesses, placing orders for food online has become a lot easier than before.

One of these food delivery businesses is Foodpanda, also known as HelloFood. We have create a foodpanda wiki to give readers all details of Foodpanda. Foodpanda is a global brand, and its primary service is to help customers to place their food orders at restaurants nearby using its mobile app or website. The company is known as Hello Food on the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America while the brand name Foodpanda is reserved for Europe and Asia.

It’s user-friendly and intuitive interface have contributed immensely to the success of Foodpanda all over the world. And this past couple of years, the company has worked strategically on adding more features to drive traffic to the app. Customers can either use the website or the app as they both function in the same way and they can also refer foodpanda wiki.

The process of ordering for food on Foodpanda is easy with a step-by-step procedure. The first step is to enter the customer’s postal information. This information is used to filter out the restaurants available to deliver food within that location. Apart from the basic deals that the restaurants offer, both the app and website also offer some deals that customers can use when ordering for food through Foodpanda. We will be updating these deal in foodpanda wiki in future. When the customer places their order, they will receive a confirmation message which includes the estimated time of delivery. Foodpanda then sends the details of the order to the selected restaurant and the contact information of the customer. Foodpanda does not only depend on the success of its collaboration with the restaurants. Its success is hinged on the successful delivery of food to the customers.

With the expansion of the company, it is working across markets to expand its delivery network. For instance, the CEO of Foodpanda Singapore, Jakob Angele, has stated that “Foodpanda service is about making available food to residents of Singapore within the shortest possible time. With Foodpanda’s in-house dispatch riders, the service of delivering food which Foodpanda renders will become faster and more consistent.”

Customers can track their orders using the Foodpanda app or website, and this helps keep the customer updated about the status of their order. The customer can know when their food is on the way to them. There is also a review system where the customer can rate Foodpanda’s services as well as the quality of the food the restaurant delivered.
It is possible for the customers to keep track of their order from the Foodpanda website or app. It is really helpful for the customers as it informs them about the step by step processing of their order or details about the cancellation in case of cancellation of order. The customer can also write a review about the quality of the food ordered by the restaurant as well as the services provided by Foodpanda.

Foodpanda was founded in 2012 by two people; Benjamin Bauer and Ralf Wenzel. The company has its headquarters in Berlin, Germany as per information to foodpanda wiki

Ralf Wenzel serves as the global CEO of the company, and he has a computer science degree from Berlin University. He used to work as the Group Chief Operating Officer at Skrill Holdings and before that he was the Senior Vice President Sales and Business Development at Jamba/Jamster.
He is the Chief Marketing Officer of Foodpanda, and he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Maastricht University and a Master of Science degree from WHU. He has held job positions at Venture capital firms in Munich and San Francisco.

From the launch date of Foodpanda in May 2012, the company became an instant success. Before the end of the year, it already had active operations in 16 countries. In February 2013, the company was already operating in 23 countries. Now, the company operates in five continents and in more than 500 cities. The company has about 3,700 employees and more than 38,000 partners worldwide.

As per Foodpanda Wiki there are many other companies in the online food ordering business, and Foodpanda has its share of stuff competitors. Zomato, an India-based company is the stiffest competitor for Foodpanda. Zomato was established four years before Foodpanda was established, but over time, Foodpanda has closed in on any gaps that Zomato may have had. Foodpanda has gotten sizable funding from big investors such as Rocket Internet and Goldman Sachs which has helped Foodpanda grow in leaps and bounds ahead of Zomato. Foodpanda has also acquired a lot of other companies that would have otherwise increased the number of competitors. Some of these acquisitions include Freshmenu and Tinyowl.

Foodpanda received an investment of $20 million from AB Kinnevik Phenomenon on the 6th of May 2013, and later in the same year, the company got $8 million from iMENA Holdings. Phenomen Ventures invested $20 million in February 2014. But in August 2014, Foodpanda got its major funding from Rocket Internet AG which invested $60 million and then invested another $110 million in March 2015. Later in 2015, Goldman Sachs invested $100 million which brings the total investment in Foodpanda to be $318 million.

Funding Date  Round  AmountInvestors
April 30, 2015    Equity      $100MGoldman Sachs Rocket Internet
March 11, 2015    Equity      $110MRocket Internet Ag
August 10, 2014    Equity      $60MRocket Internet Ag
February 3, 2014    Equity      $20MPhenomen Ventures
Sep 8, 2013    Equity      $8MiMENA Holdings
May 6, 2013    Equity      $20MAB Kinnevik Phenomen Ventures

Over the past four years, Foodpanda has acquired a number of small companies. Check out the table below to see the companies listed in Foodpanda Wiki.

Acquisition DateAcquired
September 2015Singapore Dine
February 2015Just Eat India
February 2015Asian Room Services
February 2015Eatoye and City Delivery
February 2015Koziness and Food By Phone
February 201524h and Room Service
December 2014Donesi and pauza
November 2014PedidosYa and TastyKhana
June 2014Delivery Club and deli Yami
July 2013Mega Menu


CompanyTotal Acquisitions
Foodpanda                      22
Zomato                      9
Tinyowl                      0
Freshmenu                      0

Since its establishment, Foodpanda has made about $400 million in revenue.


        CompanyEstimated Revenue (If Private)
Foodpanda               $440.1M
Zomato               $25.9M
Tinyowl            Less than $1M
Freshmenu           Less than $1M

Foodpanda started out in Singapore in 2012, and since then, it has extended its operations to 40 countries across five continents. Foodpanda operates in over 500 cities across the world.

The Foodpanda Group of Companies has many brands under its umbrella. Foodpanda is the name the company uses in Eastern Europe and Asia while the company operates as HelloFood in the Middle East. There are also some other smaller companies under the umbrella brand. Check out the names of the company in different countries around the world in foodpanda wiki.

Company NameCountry
Delivery ClubRussia
Room ServiceMalaysia
City DeliveryPhilippines
Dial-A-DinnerHonk Kong
Food By PhoneThailand
Room ServiceSingapore

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